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FAQ's for In-Person Visits

What happens during a lactation visit?

First we will get acquainted and talk about your birth, breastfeeding experience and the reason for your appointment.  Then we'll closely examine your baby's anatomy, oral function and primitive reflexes. We will weigh weigh your baby on a highly sensitive medical grade infant scale that's accurate to 2 grams. Once we have an accurate weight for your baby, we will prepare for you to feed the baby. That's usually a convenient time for me to examine your breasts/chest and nipples if clinically indicated.  I can help you with latch and positioning and give clinical guidance for using alternative feeding methods like a cup, tube or bottle if necessary. I will always obtain permission before touching you or your baby.  Care and concern for you and your baby's comfort will be sensitively utilized throughout the entire visit.  A fluid, relaxed and comfortable conversation throughout the visit will enable us to create a Care Plan to help you reach your goals.  If needed, we will create a targeted Oral Habilitation Program for your baby and I will teach you how to perform the exercises to help your baby optimize feeding competency.

How should I time my baby's feedings so the consultation will go well?

It's best if baby is hungry enough to want to feed, but not frantic.  Many families will offer a partial feed prior to the visit. It's best to err on the side of baby being comfortable. 

How long will the visit take?

Home visits generally run about two hours and office visits are usually 1.5 hours. 

You are coming to my home, do I need to do anything special to prepare for your visit?

New parents need rest and lots of skin to skin time with their baby. I fully expect for the homes of new families to be untidy. I get it! Focus on your baby and nourish yourself with rest, nutrient dense food and plenty of fluids so you're feeling your best when we're together. I will need a firm, flat surface like a sturdy table-top or counter with an electrical outlet nearby so I can plug in my scale.  I also kindly request that you have soap and paper towels or a freshly washed hand or kitchen towel available as I will wash my hands when I arrive in your home and before I put on gloves to examine your baby's mouth or your body/breasts.

I am coming to your office, what should I bring with me?

Please have a couple of extra diapers with you.  Before we weigh the baby initially, he/she/they will need to have on a clean, dry diaper. If you are using equipment like a nipple-shield, breast-pump or pillow, please have these items at your appointment. If your baby is receiving supplemental feedings, please have your expressed breast milk, donor milk or formula available--enough for two feedings.

What are your Covid policies and protocols?

You will view and sign the updated Wellness and Cancellation Policy, Sanitation Procedures document, and Covid Screening Attestation when you complete your health and feeding history and consent forms through the Mobile Lactation Consultant app. If you or anyone in your home is experiencing symptoms of viral illness and/or you or anyone in your home has been in close contact with someone who has recently tested positive or is awaiting test results for Covid and has not yet been released from quarantine, please let me know so we can schedule a virtual visit instead. I will be wearing a cloth mask with protective filters during our visit, if you need for me to wear an N-95 particulate respirator while we are together, please ask . For everyone's health and safety, plan for you and anyone in the room with us who is over the age of two to wear a mask that securely covers the mouth and nose during our entire visit as we will be in close contact.  There are certain health concerns that prevent some individuals from being able to wear a mask, please let me know if this applies to your family so that we can develop a safe alternative plan.

What happens after our visit?

After our visit concludes, I will complete your visit report and communicate pertinent information to any care providers you designated on your intake forms. I will also email the comprehensive report to you via the address you provided on your intake forms.  If your visits are covered by The Lactation Network (TLN), I will submit the necessary information so they may process your claim.  If your insurance is not in-network with TLN, I will email a Superbill to you, upon receipt of payment, so that you may file with your insurance provider to obtain partial or complete reimbursement for services based on your individual plan.

Two weeks secure portal text messaging is included in your consultation fee. Please make sure to send your communication through the MLC Chat feature in the purple app where you completed your health information. There is a green "Chat" tab on the left when signed into the app.  Once outside of your two week window, I always encourage you to stay in touch with me and ask "quick questions" throughout the course of your breastfeeding and parenting journey.  If what you are experiencing is clinical in nature and/or requires ongoing support, I will request that we schedule a follow-up visit or phone call.  20-30 minute calls incur a $30 fee, insurance does not cover the cost of follow up phone calls, but does cover telehealth visits.

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