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As a career educator and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Amy Johnston is uniquely qualified to deliver an evidence-based breastfeeding class curriculum that is entertaining but also sensitive to the needs of diverse families. This 3 hour class covers EVERYTHING families need to know to get breastfeeding off to the best start, and then some.  We will cover:

  • why breastfeeding is about much more than just feeding choice

  • how your body is preparing RIGHT NOW to feed your infant

  • how birth practices affect breastfeeding

  • what to expect in the first hours after birth

  • how to read your newborn's behavior

  • newborn and family sleep

  • latch and positioning techniques and in-class practice

  • troubleshooting tips/techniques

  • bonding with your baby and postpartum recovery

  • expressing milk/returning to work/hands-on pump demonstration

  • unexpected feelings about breastfeeding

Seats must be reserved in advance.  The $50 class tuition covers a seat for the breastfeeding parent and a partner, caregiver or doula, 3 instructional hours with Amy Johnston, IBCLC, a folder with class handouts AND exclusive access to my password-protected resources containing links to the evidence-based best practice information, instructional videos and research articles presented in class. 

Space is limited and the class is expected to fill quickly!

Please bring a stuffed animal to class for practice!

Proudly featuring beautiful videos from Global Health Media and Best Beginnings UK with special permission obtained to include documents from the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, the International Lactation Consultant Association, the Mother and Child Health and Education Trust, and breastfeeding advocate Diane Weissinger.

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There is agreement among child development experts that our society is experiencing an "empathy deficit" resulting in statistical increases crime, violence, bullying in schools as well as anxiety and depression among our children. With a wealth of new child development research, society is beginning to realize that children respond better and develop in healthier ways when raised with compassion and respect, using positive discipline guidelines.


It is difficult to change habitual thought patterns that are entrenched in culture. Many adults today were raised with traditional punitive or even violent discipline, however new generations are seeking other alternatives to punishment. The key to healthy transitioning from one paradigm to another is EDUCATION! Be the change you wish to see!


During our time together, we will:

  • summarize research on creating secure attachment

  • analyze ways in which our own childhood experiences affect our ability to raise our children

  • define discipline and the goals of positive discipline

  • list the evidence-based benefits of positive discipline

  • demonstrate what it means to be a "conscious parent"

  • discuss how to create positive discipline strategies for your child/children

Join Amy Johnston, IBCLC and Attached at the Heart Parent Educator (Attachment Parenting International) for a positive parenting workshop where we will explore what it means to be a "conscious parent" by examining ways to establish age-appropriate boundaries using positive discipline that strengthens and preserves the attachment relationship!


Pre-registration is required. The $50 class fee includes a seat for one parent and one partner/caregiver/grandparent and all class handouts/materials.


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